My passion lies in seeing people grow

I grew up on a small Island in the Caribbean; St Vincent and the Grenadines. After moving to Barbados at the age of fifteen I spend the most of my days on the beach where I learned lots of physical and sport skills. I moved to Sweden in 2001, where I experienced a new envoirnment and a new culture, here I´ve been able to grow and become a well established tennis, PT and sport coach! Seeing

My goal is not only for my clients to become better tennis players or build muscles. It’s also to help them achieve better self-confidence and and grow as individuals.

I´m passionated in whatever I do

Helping people find their inner strength is the common thread in everything I do. Whether I'm a tennis teacher, PT or as a writer. It is always included. Finding faith in oneself. Below you see my three different areas. Tennis coach, Personal trainer and author.

Tennis courses

Personal training


Make tennis your new everyday!

Adult tennis course

Welcome to our adult course where passion for tennis knows no age. We're not just a training group; we're a community where adults, regardless of skill level, find joy in challenging themselves and supporting each other on the path to progress.

18 hours - price from 5500 - 5850 kr

Tennis school

Our tennis school is more than just a place to improve strokes; it's an arena where young individuals learn about character, leadership, and confidence. We believe that every swing of the racket is a step toward success, on and off the court.

Price from 5500 - 5850 kr

Tennis lekis

Join our tennis playgroup (for Ages 4-6) and witness your little one shine! It's not just tennis; it's playful learning where every moment is filled with joy and laughter. We believe in laying the foundation for a lifelong love of tennis and friendship.

Price 4400 kr

Mini tennis

As your child grows, so does our commitment to their development. In minitennis, every victory and mistake become part of a journey filled with encouragement and team spirit. We're not just shaping players; we're creating the competitive spirit of the future.

Price xxx xx

There are 2 types of tennis players the player that goes to tennis and the player that plays tennis. My vision is to help individuals to become tennis players.

Using simple instructions like Happy feet reminding players to always be on their toes and Hip Hop to help players with their timing.

My writings are my thoughts and expressions of life experiences, fantasies of thinking like a child and memories of childhood.

Keithroy Grant

+46 72-357 35 11

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